Hand-writing Improvement

Neat, legible, uniform writing is a challenge and concern of every parent and teacher alike. Today, with increasing emphasis being laid on hand writing even in competitive exams, the need for Neat Hand writing and Speed Writing is essential and is a must to score good marks in the examination. It was observed that 4 out 5 children lose marks due to bad & illegible hand writing, in spite of being intelligent. Our program will help your child get trained to write neatly, clearly and uniformly without compromising on the speed. It provides step by step training to kids to improve their handwriting. "BAD HANDWRITING IS A SIGN OF IMPERFECT EDUCATION" - truly said by Gandhiji, thus it is always believed that for one's education is incomplete without good handwriting.

Benefits :

  • Learn the keys of fluid and legible handwriting
  • Improvement in writing speed
  • Enhance the ability to comprehend
  • Learn new handwriting habits by using proven practice techniques
  • Increase your confidence
  • Improve your grades in class