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Strictly Follow These Instructions :

  • Make Your child wear free comfortable cloths during school hours.
  • Send your child sharp at 8.45 am & pick them up at sharp 12.00 pm.
  • Send your child with handkerchief & I-card pinned up daily.
  • Don't send the child to school if suffering from server cold, fever or any other illness.
  • If child remain absent for more than 1 day then please inform to the school.
  • No Gold ornaments will be allowed in school, if lost AUROMA ACADEMY OF EDUCATION will not be responsible.
  • School notice will be given in your child's bag. So please check bag regularly.
  • If you want to ask anything about your child you can meet the class teacher only on Friday between 12.30 pm to 01.00 pm and on Saturday 11.00 am to 12.00 pm only.
  • Child will not be sent with any other person without prior information.
  • Parents vehicle should be parked properly.
  • In School hours or After School hours, Avoid to take food in the campus.
  • If you wish to celebrate your child's birthday, Inform about it before 5 days in the office.
  • Instead of giving chocolates prefer biscuits.
  • 1st term fees should be paid before June end.
  • 2nd term fees should be paid before November end.
  • Fees once paid will not be returned or transffered at any cost.